Hamas leader speculates on possible peace, blames Israel
Elior Levy
Published: 26.07.16, 20:11
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Robert ,   Israel   (07.26.16)
NOW I WANT IT; NOW I DON'T The so called Palestinians have been playing this game since the founding of the State of Israel and the rejection of their own State. They kept dreaming on throwing the Jews to the sea. THEY FAILED. This is like playing pocker. They gambled making wars and lost the game. Only a kid might pretend to receive back what he lost. If it would have been the way round, would they have returned what they won?.
2. If Mashaal and Haniyeh were to declare
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.26.16)
They were open for business - it would have to be on the basis of a UNIFIED Palestine with ONE Border in a GREATER GAZA first envisaged by Palestinians in 1999

You cant have TWO separate Palestines and hope for cohesion and unity

Every analysis of all possible options shows a Palestine in a Greater Gaza is by far the most promising solution for Palestinians - economically, for security, for Palestinian cohesion and for Palestinian prosperity

But the PA and Hamas are nowhere near to giving up control of their gravy trains in Gaza and the West Bank in the name of Palestinian Statehood

Could Mashaal now a relatively free agent be the one to fly the flag of a Grater Gaza, present it to Palestinians and ultimately achieve our goals?
3. That was moderate?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.26.16)
If this statement of Meshal's was 'moderate' I hope we never confront him when he's being intemperate.

Maybe he was only moderately lying.His statement was blatant lie after blatant lie after blatant lie but at least he recognised that Israel has the upper hand.

If you ask me,if Meshal cannot open his mouth without lying and cannot see how transparent he is,he must be a a paranoid mad man.

IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (07.26.16)
None of the leaders of this chrade of Balestine wants peace. They will be jobless and broke soon after it's signed.
5. Hamas and Abbas try to fool everybody with same garbage
Sam ,   Canada   (07.27.16)
Asking for the 1967 borders and a right of return into Israel means Palestinians want everything but they manage to convince enough foolish Jews and others that they are really seeking peace. That's why they continue this game. It's like the fraudsters who call you up with their scams.
6. Shame on you Elior Levy
Shame on you Elior Levy for this ridiculous article which not only greatly harms Israel, but which you know is bullshit. To talk of Hamas "speculating peace"??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Do you HAVE TO publish all the crap that Hamas says. Don't you understand that you are feeding into their propaganda? This is exactly the kind of article that keeps the world on their side. You are doing Israel so much harm! Shame on you!!!
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