Rabbi Berland recorded confessing to rape
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 27.07.16, 17:59
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1. Nice Work If You Can Get It
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.27.16)
Live off donations, have sex with other men's wives with or without their consent, have your followers beat up people who complain and cheer for you when you're brought back into the country for questioning. Sweeeet.
2. Well, a piece of work that one
Cameron   (07.27.16)
Need to put that wicked ole horndog on ice for X amount of years to cool off.
It is a risky proposition to put any Rabbi on a pedestal.
4. Is that a Zimmer frame walker in the airport photo?
Alan ,   SA   (07.27.16)
5. A rapist rules on what is halachicly required of his victi
Vered, Israel   (07.28.16)
only in a country governed by those who can't understand - or believe - what giving taxpayer funding does to those with religious power. It will brainwash he followers and corrupt the leaders every time! Just look at our neighbors for a hint of our future without Yair Lapid's centrism
6. Sad that "Rabbi's" took the place of the sons of Aaron
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (07.29.16)
When you give men power expect abuses.
When you give rabbi's power expect huge abuses.
7. This video clip is a forgery, here's the original version:
Rivka Levy   (02.19.18)

The real question is why YNET and so many other news organisations in Israel and elsewhere have continued to print patently false information without even making the smallest effort to check their facts first.
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