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Polish court rules to continue denying stolen property from Holocaust survivors
Eldad Beck
Published: 28.07.16, 23:20
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1. They know they stole it-and want to steal more
ab   (07.29.16)
My acquaintance who speaks polish went with 2 sisters born in US to a small town in Poland where their Grandpa had a factory and orchards before the WW2.
At the City Hall they were told "We don't have any property records,but wait please ,the Mayor would like o speak with you".
The City Mayor told them " We can't return the land ,but we welcome foreign investement,if you build a new factory you're going to get the lion share of the profits"
2. Better to be robbed than to be an unrepentant thief going
Rivkah   (07.29.16)
to hell if the person(s) are not already in hell. Ask haShem for vengeance on any of the thieves and their descendants if they are still alive.
3. Here's a thought
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (07.29.16)
stay the hell away from Poland and the $$ making death camps that Poland is famous for.
It always makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I read Jews pay $$ to relive the horrors perpetuated ( and still in effect) by the non apologetic Nazi supporter as Poland and, frankly, the rest of Europe.
4. Embarrassed to be half polish
DOV ,   USA   (07.29.16)
Now I know why my father taught me not mention to anyone that I am half Polish.
5. Money cannot bring back the dead, disgusting to ask for it.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn,NY   (07.29.16)
6. Abandoned Property Law
Jam ,   Warsaw   (07.29.16)
What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.
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