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Turkey creates 'traitors' cemetery' for dead coup plotters
Associated Press
Published: 29.07.16, 14:04
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1. Is that how it works in Islam?
Ben ,   Beer Sheva   (07.29.16)
I hope not. That's really horrific. So politics, not religion, dictates who deserves a proper burial!? People never cease to appal me...
2. Evidence for a single dead body much less three hundred?
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn,NY   (07.29.16)
3. Cemetery in Turkey
Zvi ,   Toronto   (07.29.16)
For those of you who never lived in Turkey and as somebody who grew up there speek fluently their language and know their mentality this article represent very clearly their bacward human values. Be away from them.
4. Against Islam
Amed   (07.29.16)
Is this not against Islam?
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