State Comptroller: If Protective Edge report is declared classified, I’ll establish a board of inquiry
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 29.07.16, 17:59
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1. Go for it!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.29.16)
We do have a right to know just what is going on with non-operational details!
Go for it Cpmptroller Shapira!
2. nevermind- the shapira report should be released
jay   (07.30.16)
ccut the bull. govt must release report. if shapira erred, so be it. the fact is, may israel followers felt that idf conduct was too slow, not strong enough and clearly bibi was reluctant just like olmert in the 2006 war. he raced to a ceasefire before hamas did and before the tunnels were smashed. the report is necessary and it is not for bibi to decide its value. the public paid for the work and is entitled.

For me, i already know that as dagan said bibi doesnot have courage, is fearful and is not a war time leader at all. that also applied to most of the leaders lapid, herzog and livni, gal on and yechaimovtich.

and israelis do not vote for the guys that would do the best- that is feiglin, bennet leiberman and barkat. and there are some others.

as bennett said, the shapira report is important. it will show i think that bibi avoided combat and did the least possble as israelis were taking it on the chin.
3. naswrollah
howie   (07.30.16)
israelis have to admit that nasrollah far exceeds netanyahu or lapid and livni or herzog in leading a war effort.

hassan is measured, employs pyschological warfare, has his troops and weapon surprises ready and able,doesnot boast too much and studies and spies on israel.

the giant observation posts just over the border in lebanon are used by hezbollah to observe israeli movements and deployements. bibi doesn't have the guts to knock them down. lieberman could do it but is not yet ready.

nasrollah is not afraid of blood, or casualites, is sober-minded, and is a good leader. bibi is the opposite, a lousy war leader, that is why the shapira report needs to be made publlic and fast.
4. Is "State Comptrollers Office" also expert in military
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (07.30.16)
If so, fire the other ones.
5. Loose lips sink ships.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (07.30.16)
6. here, Israel is having a report,
erin ,   dallas   (07.31.16)
and the discussion of what should be classified. What is perverse is the contrast of this in- depth thoughtfulness; a wicked entity can interpret a "yod" at the end of a word 'ahab in a verse delicately stated and publicly announce to everyone that it means male plural, as in 'beniy' and this is a support platform for public discussions of people's sexual behavior. This wrong interpretation of texts in Hebrew in the Bible led to the Spanish inquisition, the Roman Catholic tortures and murders of 'non-Christians', and the Nazi's killing of so many millions of people, and the list is a lot l8nger than that. For too long this has gone on- and this current torture of people by chastising or discussing in public their sexual behaviors is like a third holocaust- the first being far more than can be endured. And the last holocaust a display of murder everyone will remember. A third one should be stopped, but as it is hidden in targeting only gays, and 'wayward'people it is not obvious to the very public that has to view it in such huge volumes. If The President of the United States of America wants to let the people of his country be drug through the 'meat -grinder' of profanely interpreted biblical texts and give them over to another catholic holocaust- he can. But God says people's sexual behavior is a private conversation. And if He says it is a private conversation with the person so should we- thank you Israel for having morals above -'the fray'.
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