Knesset committee recognizes Armenian genocide
Jonathan Benedek/TPS
Published: 01.08.16, 23:13
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1. What did the Armenians do to the Turks to so inflame them
Rivkah   (08.01.16)
into a war with the Armenians that is now called a genocide? I can tell you the Armenians in Douglas, Arizona, were so evil to me in my youth that I asked haShem to block them from His kingdom and all their descendants forever in accordance with Psalm 69.
2. Response to #1
Ron from NJ ,   NJ, USA   (08.02.16)
Rivka: You ask what did the Armenians do? What did the Jews do to provoke our near-extermination by the Nazis and their willing assistants? Same answer to both questions: NOTHING
3. They clung to their Christianity and ethnicity!
Yaakov Cohn ,   United States   (08.02.16)
The Turks have a long, and ongoing, tradition of slaughtering ethnic and religious minorities living in Turkey.

The Armenians denied Mohammed,and clung to their own language and religion.

I certainly hope you did not mean to suggest that the Armenian Genocide was somehow the result of Armenian provocations, any more than the Jewish Shoah ws due to Jewish provocations.
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