Teachers at Hasidic school accused of sexually abusing students
Gilad Morag
Published: 02.08.16, 16:32
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1. Who are the real criminals?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.02.16)
Look for those who knew and didn't talk an d put them in jail for ever !
2. In any situation where there are minors
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (08.02.16)
that have no watchful eye of a parent or guardian,
you'll find sexual predators most for whom are males.
( Females as well just not as many )
Classroms, Churches, Mosques, schools programs and camps for kids, etc. One reason is there are no relatives that also monitor their own children having the full confidence of the pedophiles.
The pedophile knows the programs best for raping.
We had a young teen working for us who was 'courted' and followed by an older man, we warned his parents and they said "oh no, he's the son of a pastor.'
They learned later that that pedophile had a record a mile long.
Poor kid he went on an overnight camping trip with the beast.
Watch and protect your innocent kids.
3. Teachers at Hassidic School
Charles Boxenbaum ,   New York   (08.02.16)
4. pedophelia is the worst crime
C   (08.03.16)
it combines sadisim with abuse of children.
5. How dare
Yehudis   (08.03.16)
How dare these guys claim to be religious and act in sucha disgusting manner.
6. Government supervision of haredi schools
robert ,   antwerp   (08.03.16)
it is one more proof that the government should not rely solely on haredi institutions that they will take care properly of their pupils to ensure their physical and mental welfare as well as an education that will allow them to have a job when adults. Some kind of government control is a must
7. to Jerusalemite
ORA ,   JERUSALEM,   (08.04.16)
Those teachers are worse tan nazis and i certainly don't excuse them.I am also outraged against the irresponsible who chose those sick beasts to care for little children.
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