Senior employee of international aid group diverted humanitarian funds to Hamas militants
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levi and Ilana Curiel
Published: 04.08.16, 17:24
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1. Possible that W.V WANTED the money to be funneled to HAMAS?
Alan ,   SA   (08.04.16)
2. suckers
marty ,   toronto   (08.04.16)
World Vision runs full page adverts in the Canadian daily papers with photos of sad faced children trying to lay a guilt trip on middle class Canadians. "Just a few of your hard earned dollars can buy little Mohammed breakfast for a week". Little did the suckers know their money would be going to the military wing of Hamas. In the case of the followers of the United Church of Canada - many would be pleased to find out their money was routed to the military wing of Hamas - since they couldn't donate to it directly.
3. Islam and hamas
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (08.04.16)
Islam and everything that has to do with it, for example Hamas that is all terror, terorism and crime that has to be punished, forbidden and prohibited in Israel/at home and abroad for the sake of humanity.
4. A 'Palestinian' named Halabi?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.04.16)
You don't have to be a great Arabic scholar to know that the ancestors of people named Halabi came from Aleppo in Syria.

A distinct Palestinian nation?I don't think so.

5. Islamic terror organisation stealing from civilian populatio
C   (08.04.16)
islamic terror organisations never acknowledge the rights and needs of the civilian population.
these islamic terror organisations, such as hamas, hezbollah and others, always put their needs ahead of the needs of civilians. they do not recognise international law or humanitarian law. sharia law is always regarded as superior and primary to international law.
western leaders who refuse to acknowledge the illegality of these islamic organisations' illegal activities under the guise of multiculturalism are condemning millions of muslims to subjugation and terror.
6. Why isn't israel more aggressive on this
David ,   New york   (08.04.16)
They need to breathe down the necks of all these
NGO's: any NGO that has people or money in Israel
Or passing though Israel, needs to submit itself to
Intense audits and anything suspicious shuts down
Their operation
7. Any one who gives 'charity' to any Arab is a sucker
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (08.05.16)
how long will it take to wake up and smell he coffee when it comes to Arab scams over westerners?
There is NO charity in Islamic nations.
Their only goal is to reduce the numbers of non aligned Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindu's, Buddhists, etc. so they can more successfully make a world caliphate of satanic terror.
Save your money or, give only to Jewish charities who DO use the $$ to actually help the poor.
( What a novel concept.)
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