Nazi flag from Buchenwald bequeathed to Israel, delivered to Yad Vashem
Omri Efraim
Published: 04.08.16, 23:43
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1. this bequest is a tiny victory for the jewish people
C   (08.05.16)
contrary to myth promulgated by enemies, jews did revolt in many ways during the terrible years of the shoa. survival itself was an act of defiance.

the bequest of this nazi flag, kept by a jewish resistance fighter which he removed from buchenwald, and which he kept for his entire life is of immense symbolic
this nazi flag which signifies the murder of six million jews, is now the property of
the free democratic jewish state. this free democratic jewish state will stand forever as the enemy of all those who want to commit a second shoa.
the presence of this nazi flag in the jewish state of israel is the certainty of the
dictum "never again."
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