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Lebanese Olympics team stops Israelis from boarding shared bus
Ynet reporters
Published: 06.08.16, 16:07
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1. Abu Omar FB - of course that's why Lebanon is so advanced
That's why Israel is way a head of Lebanon in every parameter possible. It's all because of the American F-16. Life is easy with eyes and mind shut isn't it?
2. No surprise
Rami ,   Helsinki   (08.06.16)
Arabs are still stuck on arrested development.
3. Brazil
luba ,   toronto   (08.06.16)
And why after such incident the Levanese group still participate in the games,like the Russian group for less.This is an international scandal,but who cares.i would like to see the world respond,if it the Israeli do the same.Us usually double standart in the world
4. Arab people are led to ignorance and darkness
Julie ,   Paris, France   (08.06.16)
This event shows the level of hatred against the whole Jewish State in Arab countries. The guy leading this event is a heroe in Lebanon now, whereas he would be a national shame in his country if he had been an Israeli, a European, or an American leader doing the same thing. Hatred against Israel is so deep in the Arab world. This shows the level of fanatism and hatred in Arab countries. That's sad for Arab people who are led to ignorance and darkness.
5. outrageous
don siege ,   chicago   (08.06.16)
the lebanese delegation should have been suspended from participation in the games for this outrageous demonstration of violation fhe rules and spirit of the olympics.
6. Better to be shunned on a bus than stabbed
Rivkah   (08.06.16)
by the scummy Lebanese delegation.
7. Lebanon, a pearl turned into a swine
C   (08.06.16)
iran's proxy hezbollah has dictatorial powers in lebanon.
the rise of the shia terror regime, to whom obama has gifted a legitimised nuclear weapons program, has been a huge catastrophe for the people of iran, for the
region and for the world.
iran has turned lebanon into a colony. iran sacrifices lebanon to its own hegemonic interests.

8. God's people
Houston   (08.07.16)
I don't see the big deal here. Lebanon is merely making the point that they're not worthy to ride with God's people.
9. What Consequences for Lebanese bad behavior?
Dr. Tenenbaum ,   CA   (08.07.16)
In the USA this would be illegal, and the Lebanese athletes disqualified. What is the reaction of Olympic authorities? If they do not penalize this behavior, then the whole point of the Olympics has been lost.
10. Israeli versus Arabs contribution to Rio
ariely shein ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.16)
Everyone contribute to the Olympic success up to his know- how and worldwide contribution:

-Israeli firm is contracted as the prime Olympics security advisor:

- Arabs:
*11 people have been arrested in Brazil for planning ISIL type terror attacks.
*Morocco boxer arrested for rape attempts (like in Sweden, Germany, Egypt)
*what is the title Muslims worldwide are competing for?- Human slathering
11. I had a similar experience at Ben Gurion airport
Annonymous ,   New York   (08.08.16)
My Sephardic Jewish family of 6 experienced the same thing in 1986 when all but the youngest member of our family were bumped off of a confirmed El Al flight.
12. it takes 2 to Tango
Omer ,   Madrid   (08.08.16)
I wonder if it had anything to do with Israels stance on Palestinian Olympic team. Dont forget Israel blocked Olympics-bound Palestinian Olympic team chief from leaving the besieged Gaza Strip. Also The Palestinian team taking part in the Games had to buy equipment and other things in Brazil after Israel had prevented entry of their equipment into the Palestinian areas. I say it takes 2 to Tango. They (all of them) will never learn
13. Disgusting scum Lebanese delegation behaviour
Rick Pederson ,   Bawlf   (08.08.16)
The Lebanese have nothing to be proud how they handled themselves...they should of been kicked off the bus and told they could find their own way there...a disgusting way the delegation behaved
14. Israel likes to close the doors in Gaza, Bil'in, Qalandia...
Natalie Bédard ,   Montréal, Québec   (08.09.16)
All the days, it is a humiliation for the Palestinians... Who cares, in Israel ?
Israelis like to humiliate, but, don't accept humiliation, because they are «human being». (They forget all the times, Palestinians and Libaneses are «human being», too!).
The ordinary Israeli racism against Palestinians :
APARTHEID, each day :
APARTHEID : Two young musicians from Gaza don't play, this week, in UK, Palestine Youth Orchestra Uk Tour. Israel doesn't want they leave Gaza... Who cares in Israel of those young human being ? Nobody !
APARTHEID : Yesterday, some musicians of Gaza could not play in the Palestinian Festival of music in Jerusalem... Who cares in Israel ? ... Nobody.
Nothing can be worst than the inhumanity of the blocus of Gaza.
15. Mr
Jitamber Singh Bedi ,   Los Angeles   (08.08.16)
Perhaps its time that Israelis did an introspection to why they are despised and unwelcome wherever they go.

I am neither Arab, nor Muslim an as a neutral spectator I do observe that the Zionist govt in Israel leaves a lot to be desired in terms of human rights and its overall behaviour as a member of the international community.

Its time Israel and Israelis stopped that age old harp on "GOD" and GOD"S PEOPLE and came to terms with reality and to question why they are despised, hated, shunned, boycotted and cursed by the world.
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