Israel continues to save Syrian lives
Yoav Zitun
Published: 07.08.16, 13:45
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1. Sick Israelis die because of delayed operations while servil
ab   (08.07.16)
-e idiots of the "medical profession" and the IDF strive to save lives of the mortal enemies.
Israelis make good dhimmis, no doubt about it.
2. How Jewish of them
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (08.07.16)
save a terrorist life so they can come back later saying "Thank you" with a boom of explosives. Not too smart.
3. Israel saves them while Iran
Rami ,   Helsinki   (08.07.16)
I hope this exprience taught our Syrian friends that they don't need to die just because mullahs want a shia crescent. I say get rid of Assad and make a Camp David accord type deal, than again Obama only makes deals with mullahs, Taliban and other radicals.
4. In the Middle East no good deed goes unpunished
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.07.16)
5. I am proud of the people who save lives regardless.
Dov ,   USA   (08.07.16)
I hope that other nations will become as civilized as Israel is. If I had 20 years to take back I would go back serve again.
6. great story! God bless Israel, God bless IDF! no downside
Rafi ,   US   (08.07.16)
7. iranian expatriot
gandian   (08.07.16)
an iranian expatriot told me that he had travelled to the arab world and found that the arabs were unlike the persians. and notwithstanding iranian policy, they actually hate the arabs.

here you have the idf fdoing wonderful humanitarian work saving syrians and would only get the knife in return. bibi asking for golan is dumb, golan belongs to israeli end of story according to lieberman who says you want it try and take it.

abbas sends his wife to the best israelis hosptials to save her life while on the other hand, he incites his people and brags about killing 11,000 israelis since 48.

forget about herzog and bibi\s 2 state. that goes into the dustbin. lieberman will be taking revenge on hamas and abbas when the opportunity presents..
likud will sink to 21 seats with bibi and bennett will get 19 and lapid 23.

likud had b etter dump bibi and replace him wit bennett or saar and soon/
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