Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Inventing an 'evil state'
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 08.08.16, 23:53
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1. Amos Schocken,editor of "Haaretz" should be refused every
ab   (08.09.16)
service by every Israeli,be it a glass of water in restaurant or repair of his car.
He hates Israel,why should Israelis service him ?
2. B`T selem /protocol
shaul melloul ,   boston   (08.09.16)
the B`Tselem report on the Gaza conflict looks to me like the same propaganda the German used to protect their interest in world war two . B`tselem is an organization that got financed by the the enemies of Israel . the enemies of Israel they know if they use Jewish and news paper from Israel nobody can call them anti-Semites ,
3. thanks for sifting thru the lies
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (08.09.16)
if even israel's 'best enemies' cant stomach ha'aretz' publications of slander and poison against us, things must really be sick in the shocken empire. righteous self-righteousness combined with corruption of intellectual standards, let alone even a non-existent attempt at 'even handedness', or decency -- doesnt take much to label israel evil. but then ha'aretz isnt showing much either. so i guess its motto is that of Pippa Passes: 'all's right in its world' as its reporting carries on its way to its earthly fate.
4. "El Ard" together with various lobotomised Israeli Leftist
outfits are enemies of the State par excellence. One should have no qualms when ostracizing them from our midst. Oh, don't give me the: "democracy should be able to stomach anything" - crap!
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