Haredi crowds protest in capital against arrest of suspected draft-dodger
Yael Friedson and Yoav Zitun
Published: 21.08.16, 19:35
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1. "Draft dodging" is a misleading term
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (08.21.16)
These guys are not called by the army to serve there, but to receive a Kashrus certificate that they are exempt from, aka deferment.
2. Numbers
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.22.16)
More security people are needed at these kinds of demonstrations.

From the second video - outside Lishkat Hagius - it is clear that some of the security people became angry and reacted a bit too strongly, but they were so very few in number that one can understand that reaction.

More of these demonstrators need to be arrested. For that to happen there needs to be lots more security personnel on the scene.
3. To the military police
oliver ,   Eilat   (08.22.16)
Keep up the good work you still have many many more to arrest .
4. 1948, Ben Gurion
Avi L.   (08.22.16)
In 1948 Ben Gurion gave haredis exemption since their masters and teachers declared that Torah studies were endangered and the pool of students had to be repopulated because of the Shoah.

Ok, it made even sense, then.

Now they repopulated so well that they are threatening the country.

They don't contribute to the state in any way, they receive public money to continue doing nothing and refuse to serve.

Nobody ever told them anything about the biblical armies raised by king David or prophets?

No army service, no vote and then no political blackmail.
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