IDF raids West Bank weapons facilities
Yoav Zitun
Published: 23.08.16, 13:21
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1. Job well done
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (08.23.16)
those nasty terrorists thank G-d for Israel.
2. sobre minded lieberman unafraid
jeff   (08.23.16)
unlikebara yaalonn and bibi, lieberman current defense min is unfraid of casualites, thinks like putin when it comes to doing a job. It has been a long time since israeis ministers since sharon and eitam to clean out terror nests. leiberman is combative and arabs are concerned about it. the street has been quieter since he sank his teeth into defense. abbas knows any direct moves by him will see leiberman act.

this is 180 degreee change from bibi whose gutlesssness is transaprent. he is now finished as pm and israelis will now move to bennett, leiberman.

no israeli will vote for a differnt defense minister now. idf generals save a few are the ones to follow orders except for civlian leaders like peretz or bibi.
3. Demand Israeli sovereignty over all Judea and Samaria
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.23.16)
The IDF is great, like usual. However, they are playing an endless cat and mouse game with our mortal "Palestinian" foes. As long as we insanely allow "Palestinians" to control our land, the IDF will have to come back again, and again and again...

Most of Israel's suffering is a direct, or indirect, result of ceding our precious land to our mortal "Palestinian" foes. There is only one real solution. Completely Israeli sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria. This tiny land is ours!
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