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Family suffers anti-Semitic abuse in London
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.08.16, 13:22
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1. Religious garb
Adi ,   Tel Aviv   (08.25.16)
If you dress up in clothing associated to a religious lifestyle regardless of what religion you assoicate to and go around flaunting this lifestyle, then you are setting yourself up as a target, thats the sign of the times we live in. Why do people have to flaunt their religions affiliation in public, they should do it in the privacey of their own homes.
2. Jews of Europe
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (08.25.16)
Europe does not deserve to have Jewish people. Jews of Europe, take your energy, wealth, and talent and invest them in Israel! Jews have waited 2,000 years for the restoration of Judaean independence! Go there with enthusiasm.
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