Teacher shortage looms as new school year begins
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Published: 28.08.16, 22:28
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1. As a former teacher, I attest that the salaries are too low.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.29.16)
"... shortage is “localized and not in the thousands.”
" In the isolated places where there are shortages, the Ministry will provide the appropriate solution.”

Like in central Tel Aviv. LOL
2. Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
Allan Fox ,   Toronto   (08.29.16)
What about hiring from the Arab minority? There are even those with graduate degrees in scientific fields. What might be better, a graduate degree in chemistry or biology without a teacher's degree or a teacher without a scientific degree?
3. all of this has happened since Israeli Public Education was
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (08.29.16) can thank Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu and his various ministers of education starting with former Minister of Education Ms. Limor Livnat.
4. What do you want: they still learn more than the "Frumme" in
their system? How the Hell do we manage to produce so many Nobel Prize winners?
5. Science Teacher Shortage
Yehudit ,   Bet Shemesh   (08.29.16)
Actually, there has been a modest trend in the public schools to do just that.
6. pay a living wage & give admin backing to teachers
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (08.29.16)
As it is now, the salary for teachers is so low, it's impossible to make a living on your own. Discipline with the students is also a huge problem and the teachers get no backing from the principal when the teachers confront the parents who defend their child's misbehavior.
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