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Oldest human remains found outside Tel Aviv
Asaf Kamer
Published: 27.08.16, 21:34
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1. Can you do any better than this?
Gary Rodgers   (08.29.16)
You so called scientists sometimes make me laugh. You come up with all of these crazy time frames of hundreds of thousands of years to millions of years and then you say that such and such a people were far different than their predecessor. No kidding? Wow what a revelation!!!!!!! Trust me when I tell you that people today are far different in the way that they dress, eat, and act than those people 100 years ago. I found a Bick Pen buried in my back yard. I believe that I will log it as being 100,000 years old and probably the earliest writing instrument ever found.
2. Israel 400,000 years ago predates the rest of the world ?
bob ,   sydney australia   (02.06.18)
Adam and eve was here only 6,000 years ago, and then the flood, how many people are on the earth now? with 400,000 years before Adam how many people would be on the earth then , where have they all gone ? I cant do the sums can you. lets ask the scientists they know. get wisdom get understanding.
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