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Ancient capital of Israel site beset by vandalism
Assaf Kamar
Published: 03.09.16, 19:54
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1. The Arab occupation of Israel must end for Middle East Peace
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.03.16)
Arabs have to be repatriated back home to Mecca.

There is no other way to achieve Peace in the region.
2. But watch their reaction when it's one of theirs
ggg   (09.03.16)
Throughout history Muslims have shown zero respect for anything that is important to other religious groups. They areprepared to start wars and go on killing rampages over property they claim as their own, but anything else is, for them, unworthy of any form of respect at all. Goths, Visigoths and Vandals rolled into one.

3. Israel must take total control of Judea & Samaria
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.03.16)
It is not surprising that every part of Israel, that we foolishly place in "Palestinian" hands, is destroyed. Israel must take total control of our more than 4,000 year old ancestral heartland. This tiny land is ours! End of discussion.
4. shoot rockthrowers and arsonist vandals of national parks
ian   (09.03.16)
yaalon and the courts have gone wrong with their halfhearted fight against terror. either you fight it or you give in. the beilinist court has given long ago and yaalon, a surprise suddenly has misgivings about shooting terrorists dead.

you come to harm israelis, and their landmarks-you will end up dead and that is the message that should go out. instead the courts give a mild slap on the wrist and yaalon acts like netanyahu, worrying about every move.

liebeman so far, and this is a man who cannot be trusted, he is far more resolute than yaalon and barak together. and is is a bit quieter now. why- because arabs know he will kill them and not worry about it.
5. Historical Destruction
Jim   (09.05.16)
Do you really expect people with an IQ of 9 to behave as if they are Human?
Educated, civilized People do not Destroy History! None, even if you do not agree with their life style.
6. Samaria Antiquities
Eli ,   Israel   (09.05.16)
It behooves the govts of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to band together and cleanup the park and provide for its protection. The site is of international importance and is part of human archaeological heritage of the southern Levant. It belongs to all of humanity, as do all archaeological remains. They should be preserved when possible and properly recorded when not. Looting is a desecration, fed by poverty etc. These governments could halt it if they chose.
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