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Second Temple courtyard flooring possibly revealed
Ilana Messika/TPS
Published: 06.09.16, 22:07
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1. "Likely tiles from the Temple"
Eli ,   Israel   (09.07.16)
The burden of proof has not been met. Likely should be understood as 1 and only 1 possible interpretation. There have been several monument buildings that might have "contributed" to the assemblage of artifacts.
2. Likely remains from the Maughrabi quarter.
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (09.07.16)
In 1967 after the 6 Day War the Mughrabi Quarter, located at the same place as the West Wall plaza was destroyed by the Israeli army and its inhabitants expelled.
Those remains likely came from from the ruins of those houses and not from any past temple. However, if you wish to believe the article and donate to some of these NGO's that promote this story, you are welcome to do so.
3. Still no proof of a 1st temple, david or moses.
James   (09.08.16)
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