Thousands of housing units to be built for Arab sector
Hila Tsion
Published: 11.09.16, 20:09
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1. galant to spend 1 billiion
ed   (09.11.16)
galant to spend 1 bilion$ on arab housing,

Yoav, for this to show you arab gratitude, you will get a knife in the back, 2 year old babies will have their skulls bashed in, women will be macheted, and haredi will be knifed in the neck.

charity begins at home, yoav.
2. ONE good reason being....?
3. End of the Dream of a Jewish Homeland
EndOftheDream ,   Jerusalem   (09.12.16)
and where are the 200,000 homes for Jews ?-Affordable homes ?!!!
we have been sold out
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