The Israeli return to Africa
Dr. Moshe Terdiman
Published: 12.09.16, 23:37
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1. Brilliant move, after all Africa shall remain...Africa,
meaning: a backward, violent beyond help continent. Just like Russia it is unable to stop being self-oppressive, tyrannical entity. Meanwhile we can supply them with some "toys" they crave so much and earn support (God knows why it should be important) at the twisted UN, that long ago has been hijacked by the global Jihad.
2. No comments maybe because article is completely unreadable
Haifen ,   Haifa IL   (09.13.16)
Who wrote this? Who edited it? It is 90% incomprehensible.
In what writing course do they teach that it is ok to write 60+ WORD PARAGRAPH IN A SINGLE SENTENCE??!!
What a waste of time YNET is.
It's not even news in English. It's just propaganda.
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