Peres remains in serious condition after suffering a stroke
Ynet reporters
Published: 13.09.16, 21:52
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1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and 'Refuah Shlema'
Avi israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.13.16)
2. Instead of getting a pacemaker that electronics in a room
Rivkah   (09.13.16)
interfere with, His Excellency Shimon Peres should have rebuilt his heart by taking 200mg Ubiquinol Co-Q-10 daily with 2,000mg L-Carnitine, 500mg Taurine, 5,000mcg sublingual vitamin B-12 as the methcobalamine, and 800mcg Folate daily with a tablespoonful of Norwegian Cod Liver Oil twice daily. He should still take these supplements so the heart can rebuilt itself and work better. To reverse a stroke within a 3 hour window, he should drink 2 cups of coffee that is cooled with an ice cube and 2 ounces of whiskey. That is similar to IV Caffeinol at an E.R. That will reverse 80% of the damage from a stroke in the 3 hour window. After that window, he needs to reverse the stroke with Cell Food Nobel Laureate formula, elevating lymphatic tissue oxygen levels to 14 ppm (parts per million) for 30 to 90 days. But who listens to me?
3. Lifting up Mr. Peres and his family in prayer.
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (09.14.16)
4. I just realized that its 23 years 2 day of signing of DOP!
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (09.14.16)
refuah shlayma to former President Mr. Peres. Prayers for him and his family.
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