Bennett in hot water after declaring: 'Jewish studies more important than math, science'
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad, Shahar Chai
Published: 14.09.16, 14:00
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1. So many smart minds wasted in Torah studies
Shaul ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.16)
So many smart minds in this country are wasted in Torah studies. I can't believe someone like him is the minister of education.
2. Do the math:Jew with no Judaism=0, end of math. End of Jew!
3. Tottaly ridiculous
Adi ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.16)
It seems he is using his poistion as education minister to brain wash young minds. Religion after all is a belief and to force religion on those who choose not to believe is morally wrong. Freedom from religion. Children shoudl have a high command of math, English to get on in the world and to develop a career and not fill their heads with medevil religious mumbo jumbo.
4. right or wrong of statement depends on his plans
zionist forever   (09.14.16)
Weather he is right or wrong depends on what he plans to do about the statements he has made not the soundbites.

If he is saying Jewish studies is more important and so I am going to take funding from math and physics and invest it in Jewish studies then he is wrong and should not be allowed.
If he is saying Jewish studies is more important than these subjects but I believe the other subjects are also very important and I intend to spend the money to make sure these subjects are taught alongside Jewish studies then he is correct because Judaism is the cultural identity of Israel so Jewish studies are very important.

Its like me wishing somebody I don't like was dead, if I am planning to kill them because of it then I would be pretty stupid but if I am just wishing they would drop dead because of I don't like them then there is no harm in that.
5. relegion and state
jochair ,   kfar saba israel   (09.14.16)
here you can see how wrong politics and religion go together.
6. Studies
Jack bender ,   Palm beach USA   (09.14.16)
Seems to me these kids can learn both...math science and Jewish studied
7. Bennett is correct and he is the right messenger
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.14.16)
Bennett is correct. Jewish children must know what Israel really means and stands for. Nothing is more important than that. He is also the right messenger, as a highly successful high tech entrepreneur.
8. the naked truth which other afraid to spell out
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto   (09.14.16)
Math and all the science add knowledge , as Judaism is soul core of the existence and life equation for Jewish people and not Torah without Derech Eretz which part of it is curriculum of science, Judaism is balances and adopted this study which enforce knowledge that the creation is not a random but directed by very precise principle from the Creator B'H .
Intelligent people are illuminate by the Torah and find the wisdom of the real purpose of the life.
9. The Six Millions waiting for Selichot said by the One
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.14.16)
Tell the Minister to write the Selichot text, if he is educated enough. He should write it in Yiddish and Ladino, and in Polish and Hungarian, and in German and Italian. Oh, and in Hebrew.
10. Disbelief
Richio ,   Rehovot   (09.14.16)
I can't begin to understand how the myths and fairy tales of religion and god can influence the behavior of thinking people. Nietzsche was wrong, god isn't dead, god never was.
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