Arab MK: 'Peres is a tyrant covered in our blood'
Roi Kais and Moran Azulay'
Published: 14.09.16, 17:32
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1. Thus spake the "natural" ally of the (anti)Zionist Union.
2. Ghattas is right
Emma ,   Tel aviv   (09.14.16)
This sick old man didn t contribute to anything in this country.

3. MK Basel Ghattas
morice glick ,   toronto   (09.14.16)
Basel Ghattas how would you describe Yassar Arafat.
One who received generous donations (in millions US$ of funds) from foreign countries on behalf of his people which he held back and only distributed a very small minimum percentage to them. The encyclopedia defines this action in one word not worth repeating.
4. unending hope, many accomplishments, some major errors
C   (09.14.16)
shimon peres is a man of unending hope which led him to take diplomatic risks
during his political life.
he thus made every possible effort to make peace with the arab palestinias
even when his decisions were not based on rational analysis. his support
for the oslo accords was ill conceived and gave the muslim world an
undeserved boost and hope in their desire to destroy the sovereign
jewish state of israel.
peres was an excellent defence minister. he made sure that israel had advanced weapons of the highest quality. that as his most significant contribution to
israel's national security. his contribution as defence minister to the entebbe raid was also significant.
in conclusion, peres contributed to the state much in his early years, but the oslo
accords turned out to be a disaster and cost the lives of many israelis.
the oslo accords also trapped israel into a diplomatic nightmare.
5. Ghattas, let us talk about a real imperial enterprise
C   (09.15.16)
starting with mohammed, the arabs waged nine hundred years of imperial wars on
three continents, conquering huge land masses on three continents and ancient
civilisations. the arab conquest stretched all the way to southern france, north and east and west africa, the gates of vienna, persia, iraq, afghanistan, india, indonesia.
the arab muslims forced the conversion of multitudes of peoples, imposed sharia, and built mosques on top of native religious structures in an attempt
to wipe out native religions and cultures.
after the arab conquest of the land of israel, fifteen hundred years after the building of the first jewish temple, the arabs built a mosque right on top of
the remnants of the two destroyed jewish temples in jerusalem as a sign of
conquest and religious supremacy.
islam is one of the most prolific practitioners of imperialism and colonialism.
islam contributed little to the lands it conquered, with the exception of the
architecture of the mosques. it is for this reason that countries with ancient
civilisations, like egypt and iraq, are behind in development in most areas.
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