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Radical right-wing group's marches of hate in Jerusalem
Yael Freidson
Published: 21.09.16, 23:38
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1. Disgusting!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.22.16)
The police need to be much more active in catching these young thugs - they will only grow up to be worse criminals....
Cameras on Kikar Zion will help as will more police patrols at times and places they well know.
2. This is hard and sad reading. It's getting worse and worse.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.22.16)
3. They promote crime, hatred and stupidity
AurĂ©lie ,   Paris   (09.22.16)
It's so sad to see so stupid people promoting hatred, crime and oppression. Whoever loves Israel and Zionism must condemn this minority of fanatics and idiots. They should feel shame and they should work to get a brain - hard work for them !
4. If done tactfully, it will work
Chris ,   London   (09.23.16)
There's nothing wrong with the Lehava group. Israel is a democracy and they have a right to protest as a group of anti-assimilation. However, if they use violence as a tactic they won't gain much support. They must do so peacefully, and they'll have potential to be one of the most successful lobbying groups, or future political party of Israel.
5. So name one good thing about pals.....
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (09.24.16)
I can't.
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