Palestinian President Abbas shakes hands with Netanyahu at Peres funeral
Published: 30.09.16, 10:58
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1. Israeli Arab List - Shoddy, third rate, disgraceful
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.30.16)
Just how low can they sink

As ALL our Israeli Arab friends have so forcefully protested

An ENTIRE part of Israel Society UNREPRESENTED by their political leadership to show or give voice for some simple respect and empathy to the passing of a fellow Israeli MK and President

Instead they choose apparently to BOYCOTT the funeral!

Utterly useless and contemptible, two faced, self seeking morons

Israeli Arabs deserve BETTER

2. Poor Bibi. He had to shake hands with a Holocaust denier.
Sheikh Yahudi ,   Damascus, Israel   (09.30.16)
3. The Middle East needs peace.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.30.16)
It feels peaceful and honorable to Mr. Peres who never ceased hoping for peace in the Middle East. Let's hope this atmosphere can and will continue expanding until people will cease fighting and chose to live permanently without war. Rest in peace the promoter of peace.
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