15 women to try to break Gaza blockade
Published: 05.10.16, 08:44
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1. Let the ladies through
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (10.05.16)
This is not a Hate Israel Action. It is a Help Suffering People Action. Israel is a democracy, so show it.
2. Quite pathetic joke
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.05.16)
So they have squandered cash for a Mediterranean Boat Trip that they could have used to channel to Gaza via legitimate channels

Instead they choose to have a holiday on a boat for just a stunt and cheap PR and a bit of cheap Maguire kudos

YET when asked for donations for good causes and charitable works for Palestinians they are nowhere to be seen - they have no interest other than to wave and smile in front of the cameras and expect our grateful thanks

Ugh! Yuk,,,,,Does that picture not give you that sinking or stinking feeling?

3. Women's rights in Saudi Arabia
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (10.05.16)
These well-meaning ladies should continue to Saudi Arabia where women are not even allowed to leave their house without a male escort, drive and more. It would be fascinating to see how the authorities there will treat them. Bon voyage
4. Well done ladies!
S ,   Toronto   (10.05.16)
Good work ladies! Nevermind the ignorant hateful blind israeli supports trash talking here! the world is with you!
5. Yes, Swede, Israel is a democracy surrounded by the worst
Bon ,   Los Angeles   (10.05.16)
entities on this planet. Israel is a miraculous island of stability in an area known for its murderers acts, terrorism and corruption. However, the fact that Israel is great does not mean that is has to commit suicide to meet your Scandinavian criteria when you live in a neighborhood surrounded by Finland and Norway! When you have have the terrorists governing the neighboring state and firing rockets at you then talk but until you experience the Hamastani killers on your border please close that hole that only spews out ignorance.
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