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Security Council agrees on Portugal's Guterres next UN chief
AP & Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.10.16, 21:00
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1. But New Zealand wanted to change the world......
Jerome ,   AKL   (10.06.16)
Helen Clark would have been a nightmare for Israel. Thank G-D she is out.
2. There is a Scripture prophecy about a lion of the sons of Ta
Rivkah   (10.06.16)
Tarshish. If Portugal is part of ancient Tarshish since the location of Tarshish (Tharshish) is unknown, then Antonio Guterres is going to be unimaginably evil. The UN Charter is word for word the constitution of the old Soviet Empire. When Russia and China and the UN and other nations attack the USA, the division of the USA which is the notable horn of Daniel in its final fulfillment will be a bear, a leopard, a lion and a ten horned monster beast. What are those symbols of? A bear is Russia or Mexico that takes part of the USA. A leopard is Africa or Germany (UN) that will get part of the USA so a Black nation or a UN nation will be formed that is the leopard. The lion is Canada. Canada and Mexico have mutual defense treaties with Russia from the 1980's which means they get part of the USA when it is attacked. The northeast is probably the UN slice. The southwest is likely Azatlan, Mexico.
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