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Norway seeks ban on burqas in the classroom
Published: 08.10.16, 11:21
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1. UN Human Rights Council must condemn this horrible APARTHEID
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.08.16)
2. good idea
alex ,   jerusalem   (10.08.16)
Ban them this type of clothing is beyond personal freedom and stopping it isn't a violation of any human rights. just like it is uncomfortable having people with masks all around
3. Norway seeks ban on burqas
LION OF JUDAH   (10.09.16)
If the Jewish State have banned the burqas or the veil, this country who is
banning the burqas, will be the first country to condemn Israel as racist,
apartheid, and discriminate the Arabs.

When this anti semites and Jew hater do banned the burqas, they are
allowed. Why?
This shows who they are are same treatment, but two different answers.

Go to hell Norway. Your time will come soon.
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