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IN PICTURES: Israel Tattoo Convention 2016
Published: 08.10.16, 15:48
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1. Sad 2 see Jews distance themselves so far from Judaism
Howsad ,   Jerusalem   (10.08.16)
Never in the history of the Jewish people have we seen so many
spit in the face of their ancestral faith and tradition as we do today
a Jew with a tattoo ,,,the Torah specifically calls such people
traitors to their G-d and to the Jewish people " they shall be cut off "
To see a Jewish woman with a tattoo is the ultimate in shame
for our people it is like a walking signboard saying " I hate the G-d
of my ancestors and I hate my people" Tragedy for a Jewish
child to see a tattooed mother , " there is no shame in Israel" the
media in Israel controlled by people who are missionaries for the
worst in Western Culture are the main people to blame .
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