Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
How to deal with the next Gaza-bound flotilla
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 09.10.16, 22:02
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1. All we need are good chess players
srael   (10.10.16)
Actually, the flotilla crowd in not the real enemy, just duped food soldiers.

Try the planners of the "Active Measures"!
2. clever!
hal ,   sydney   (10.10.16)
You are 100% right Mr Yemini. Just search the boat first for contraband.
3. Enough joking about
Jacob Edelman ,   NYC-NY   (10.10.16)
I am appalled by the intent and content of this Op-Ed by Yemini: trivializing issues in an obvious disregard for the human tragedy that the population of the strip is facing and has been facing for almost 10 years now. By continuing its blockade Israel is helping Hamas to maintain its grip over the innocent population in Gaza. Two wars with Hamas have not resolved the issue: why not try a different, more intelligent approach.
4. Send them to Syria
Solomon   (10.10.16)
Send them to Syria- to save
children's lives there !!!
5. BS article & advise.
tiki ,   belgium   (10.10.16)
The international media did not even talk about this "event", except a few Arab ones.

Trump/Clinton,Russia/America, Syria/Refugees/Sudan/Africa etc. was in the news.

Not the flotaliota's or Roger Waters. They really are non issue and should be kept that way. Playing Mr. Nice guy for the media benefit is futile! .
6. they are not heroes
C   (10.09.16)
they are a drop in the ocean of hatred.
7. And look where this High-Road approach has gotten as so far!
8. Should have sunk them
Danny   (10.10.16)
9. Mr
Rafael ,   Miami   (10.10.16)
I appreciate the good intention and it might have worked but did you write the PM with this suggestion, which I think is great, or is this another after the fact idea.
10. Laws of Naval Warfare
Ricky S ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.16)
I believe that international laws on military (naval) blockades require all ships to be blockaded or none. So letting some ships to land in Gaza could be an obstacle to stopping ships suspected of carrying missiles and other weapons. A blockade is a legal act of war.

One (legal) alternative is for the blockade runners to permit inspection by Israel at the point of departure, as the cargo is loaded. Otherwise, blockade running is an act of war.
11. #10 ricky
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.11.16)
The inspection would have to be at the blockade itself as contraband (weapons, ammunition) could be transferred at sea to the blockade runner.
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