UN official demands 'black list' of Israeli businesses
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.10.16, 13:50
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1. "Prince" al Hoessein from Jordan
tiki ,   belgium   (10.09.16)
Another corrupt official born with a silver spoon in his mouth telling the world how to behave toward a democracy while his Muslim brothers & sisters are being slaughtered.

2. Answer
Robert Stewart ,   Katzrin   (10.09.16)
If the UN whats not to buy from company s West bank and Golan. Easy answer all UN personnel leave Israel.
3. Prince Zeid
adler   (10.09.16)
is the son of Prince Ra'ad bin Zeid and his Swedish-wife. he served as Jordan's Ambassador to the United States several years, holds a BA from Hopkins University and Phd from Cambridge.
Two years ago he was appointed as president of the United Nations Security Council and the United Nations' human rights chief based in Geneva. The nomination made him the first Muslim
to lead the UN Human Rights Office.
Very interesting profile i guess
4. Not a peep from Bedouin "Prince" on honor killings in Jordan
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.09.16)
The Muslim murderer gets a maximum of six months jail time by Jordanian law.

Most of hem are not even prosecuted.
5. All the UN-logo needs is a swastika!
6. i dont understand know?
American Queen Noor and King Hussein were a
nice couple of monarchs, one of the sons Prince
Hashim was married to a Saudi Arabian Princess,
the other son Hamza was graduated from Harvard
but king Abdullah removed from him the Prince title.
King Abdulla is the son of a british arab princess, which was
king Hussein second wife.
Never heard about Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid, where
his title come from?
7. reply to Christopher F facebook
Adler   (10.09.16)
" just a point of added interest"....well i dont know
If its true but some people say Queen Rania of Jordan
is of palestinian origen
8. chemical engineer
theodore zimmerman ,   west caldwell   (10.10.16)
The united nations is a useless organization and should be abolished. A total waate of U.S. funding.l
9. Israel's Eastern Border is the Middle of the Jordan River
Marjorie Rosenfeld ,   Plano, TX   (10.11.16)
Doesn't this person know that Jordan's 1994 Peace Agreement with Israel gives Israel's eastern border with Jordan as the middle of the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers (

Annex I (a)
Jordan-Israel International Boundary
Delimitation And Demarcation

1. It is agreed that, in accordance with Article 3 of the Treaty, the international boundary between the two States consists of the following sectors:
The Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers
The Dead Sea
The Wadi Araba/Emek Ha'arava
The Gulf of Aqaba
2. The boundary is delimited as follows:
I. Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers
A. The boundary Line shall follow the middle of the main course of the flow of the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers.

This means that all of Western Palestine except for Gaza is part of the Land of Israel. Why, then, should products from anyplace within Israeli territory be boycotted?
10. Mr.
Leopold ,   Cape Town   (10.12.16)
This so called 'Prince' who I'm sure requires that he be addressed as 'Your Highness' is a Hashemite whose family of desert Arabs after being expelled by Ibn Saud after he conquered what became Saudi Arabia were to all intents and purposes Bedu. Abdullah, the Hashemite leader, had the extraordinary good fortune to be gifted the pressie of the majority of 'Palestine' by the British for his help in initiating Colonel Lawrence's ' Arab Revolt'. Princes, Royalty, do me a favour!! But for this scabrous 'Prince' to call for boycotts against our Jewish State can only amuse. Admittedly judging from his expression the 'Prince' would seem to be untroubled by much in the way of intellectual ferment, otherwise he would be aware that the poxy little so-called Kingdom needs Israel to survive. Perhaps Abdullah Two will inform him of a few facts of life or even death.
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