Two killed in Jerusalem shooting attack
Ynet reporters
Published: 09.10.16, 14:03
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1. Return Silwan to the Jewish Yeminite suburb it always was
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (10.09.16)
With such an unprovoked attack by combatants not in uniform I.e a war crime, it is time to demolish all the occupier houses in Silawan and restore it to its rightful owners, the Yeminite Jews
Anything else is a crime against humanity
2. Mr
Leon Ash ,   Grand Rapids, MI   (10.09.16)
The terrorist had previously served five prison sentences for a variety of offense including aggravated battery, illicit military training and setting fire to vehicles.
Why then was he still alive ?
3. UN-EU
David Mitzner ,   Germany   (10.09.16)
SO how long will the world keep pumping money to the Palestinian Terrorist cause?? What will it take to condemn these Bastards??? Murderers of innocent people, animals, criminals..The EU and UN are as much to blame. I'm beginning to wonder if even need them anymore? For what? So that they can stop Israel from exporting fruit so the the Arabs can export terrorism??
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