Victory of Orthodox Judaism is everyone’s defeat
Yehuda Nuriel
Published: 11.10.16, 13:20
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1. Orthodox Judaism
Bill Bender ,   Granada Hills   (10.11.16)
What people tend to forget is that Orthodox Judaism used to be called, for millennia, Judaism. That was all there was. In a headlong rush to "modernize" the religion, people are stepping on the very foundations of Judaism. Now, Shabbat is under attack because many feel it inconvenient to adhere to one of the most important biblical commands, "you must honor the Sabbath and keep it holy". Instead we see castigation of the very people, the Orthodox, who try to keep some semblance of traditional Judaism. Instead of thanking them, we make them out to be some sort of evil characters. Try speaking to them as adults and give them the respect they truly deserve and perhaps they will do the same to you as well. For them, Tevye's last lines still echo, "on the other hand, THERE IS NO OTHER HAND"
2. Relax, the Orthodoxy will expire naturally.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.11.16)
Humanity marches forward, always had and always will. Orthodoxy falls further and further behind, in all the religions. In Judaism, the various streams signify a natural departure from Orthodoxy and the departure is accelerating. Witness the success of the Reform movement. People want to be free, liberated from confining restrictions of the past, unencumbered by irrelevant myths. People are curious by nature and will never stop attempting to live better.
3. Ynet out of touch with the reality of modern Israel
YnetOutofTouch ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.16)
By all standards secular Jews are returning to Jewish Tradition and
that means all forms of Orthodox Judaism get real YNET between
the birthrate of all Orthodox streams be they Traditonal Orthodox
Haredi or National Relgious the demographics alone are on their
side not to mention the phenomenal return to tradition ( Orthodox ) by
tens of thousands yearly Hundreds of thousands went to the Kotel
last night the vast majority what YNET would call "secular "
Once again some at YNET are diehard secular extremists living in
their tiny secular Media based Tel Aviv bubble surrounded by millions of religious Jews and tens of millions of religious Moslems Enjoy your delusions while they last.
4. You almost had me hooked
Lawrence Dickerson ,   Bremerton   (10.12.16)
I read your article all the while silently cheering. At last an accounting of all that the world finds fault with Judaism. What I didn't discover was the effect of the Talmud on everyday Jews. I, as a Goy, find the Talmud disturbing, to say the least. I try to keep in mind that these words were written in a different time, under different circumstances;however, I never see these writings discussed. It is like that info is to be hidden from view and besides only the Jew i able to understand them as written in Hebrew.

I want to know, to understand as presented by informed individuals in a factual manner so much as allowed.

5. Spare yourself from nonsense, look up a Talmud purist.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.12.16)
Don't get hooked on the Talmud unless you will enjoy assembling a puzzle for fun. Interpreters of the Talmud today want to pass messages relevant to their own modern living, for their income, comfort, power grabbing. Only the purists among Talmud "scholars" do it for altruistic reasons, the Great Rambam was one. So, if you want to assemble an honest puzzle, look up a purist.
6. Sholem, do you know who is Jewish?
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.13.16)
Having eight children doesn't make you Jewish. I was born to a Jewish mother and don't believe this makes me Jewish. You and I speak Hebrew and carry teudot zehut, which doesn't make us Jewish either.
7. Ignorant article
David ,   New york   (10.16.16)
Someone who is clueless about Judaism and jewish history
8. Sad, really sad
Yitzchok ,   Jerusalem   (10.16.16)
Mr. Nuriel is obviously ignorant of Judaism, "orthodox" Jews, current events and history - probably at no fault of his own - but nevertheless shocking that an article written in such spirit was published by a self respecting newspaper.

The article is extremely shallow and generalizing if at all based on reality. Mr Uriel literally takes whatever instances or even stereotypes he has recently happened upon - a radio show host's comment, people protesting their pending eviction, a statement from this or that public figure, and an utter dearth of knowledge in the makeup of Judaism - to prove his obvious pre conceived biases against religious Jews.

As a fellow Jew, I find the it sad and disturbing that
A. The author is so obviously imprisoned by his own irrational beliefs of others
B. Ynet would see fit to publish what is essentially a hateful diatribe against millions of Jews worldwide
C. Anyone should read this and be convinced to further fortify his/her baseless hate for their own brethren.
9. The Origins of Judaism!!!
al mann ,   jerusalem   (10.16.16)
Judaism from the tribe of Judah is a tribe of a people called Israel. There is no mention of religion. We are a people committed toward the laws given to us by the Creator not voted about or a result of democracy.
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