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Yom Kippur Eve: Gaza's 2 millionth resident is born
Elior Levy
Published: 13.10.16, 10:09
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1. One reason why the terror organizations in Gaza strip
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.16)
are so thoughtless about the lives of local citizens, stationing them as human shields in military confrontations, might be the high fertility rate in the enclave.

Just after the Six Day War in 1967, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics supervised a census there (and West Bank) ( It counted 356,261 residents. After 49 years, this population increased by 561 percent, or averaged 11.5% yearly rise !!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (10.13.16)
JIHAD TABLE FOR 2, JIHAD TABLE FOR 2! I think the restaurent will evcuate immediately.
3. Poor kid
Disillusioned   (10.13.16)
Raised to hate and kill. Looks like a great future ahead for him.

Hard to understand why these people bother to give birth only to look forward to burying it 15-20 years later.
4. The "2 millionith reason" to keep them fenced in
annex2Egypt ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.16)
or Create and recognize "The Independent State of Gaza " it would
be a certain time bomb to connect them with their "brothers" in
Judea and Samaria Procrastination by all of Israel's "leaders"
has led to false hopes of the Palestinians settle Judea and
Samaria and the Galilee massively and now . The more we
drag it out the longer and worse the situation will be "facts on
the ground " will eventually sink in to that portion of the world
that does not accept it and lets be honest most of humanity
on this planet could care less what happens over here Middle East
Arab Oil no longer influences their decisions . Only the "Mad/Crazy Left " keeps stirring the pot and they are less and less influential.
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