UNESCO fails to acknowledge Jewish ties to Temple Mount
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.10.16, 18:56
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1. If Jews have no history to Jerusalem, Christians have none!
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.13.16)
The whole idea is preposterous. That so many countries abstained only shows how terrified they are of their Muslim populations. Jerusalem is mentioned in the Torah hundreds of times. In the Quran? None. NONE. Not once. Not a single time does the word show up.

And the UN goes along with this bilge, this vile lie. That's proof enough that the entire UN is a waste of time and money. Let's see: UN 'Peace Keepers' raping women and girls in Africa, selling weapons to terrorists, actively supporting terrorists in Gaza.

The UN should be shut down. It's just a playground for the Muslim block and wastes time and money. If some country wants to go stop psycho dictators from killing his own people, then that country should go do it.
2. Zzzzz
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.13.16)
3. Look at the Christian Countries that voted against themselvs
"ChristianNations"? ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.16)
Christian Brazil Nicaragua South Africa Mexico and more voted against their
own citizens culture and faith as Christian nations if the Temple
and the Jewish connection never existed neither did Christianity's
historical figures have these countries gone stark raving mad ?!
4. Seriously, you want us to comment?! :-))
5. What about the Bible gentlemen? Is Jerusalem there
Lou   (10.13.16)
or not? How illiterate can one be to "vote" such a thing - a peak of stupidity.
6. UNESCO is corrupt and irrelevant
C   (10.13.16)
israel should not belong to this organisation.
israel should not cooperate in any way with
this organisation..
7. "By the water of Babylon..."
So many songs, operas (Nabuco), books, texts, prayers, history books and what have you were written for 2000 years and more by Jews, Christians and other about the connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.
When you go to Youtube you can see British Pathe' fims from the early 20th century describing "Palestine" as the ancient homeland of the Jews - a fact that was wide spread and known to every person (Jewish and not Jewish) in Europe for sure but everywhere else where people had knowlege about wold's history.
It is truely unbelievable that the UN stooped so low that in its POLITICAL bias against Israel it managed to vote for a resolution that is based on lies and ignorance. What every educated Person knew before 1948 about the connection of the Jews to the land of Israel is being denied now because of hatred toward Israel and the Jews.
Does the UNreally think that it can erase milenia of texts, history, archeological findings, heritage?
8. France, Italy, Spain etc didn't have the guts
Avi L.   (10.14.16)
France, Italy, Spain etc didn't have the guts to oppose their oil lords and masters.

9. But...
meowing ,   Bucharest   (10.14.16)
Well, i know, it's sad. But they are really not 100% Christians. This is so important.
10. Vote against Israel
JJohnson ,   Cartwright   (10.14.16)
Hmmm, most of the countries that voted for this, are mentioned as being part of the gog-magog war - coincidence?
11. 1300!!! YEARS TempleMount known as Al-Haram Al-Sharif.
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (10.14.16)
it's since 700 CE.
1300 years is very very many many years.
1300 years templemount was NOT a templemount, BUT: Al-Haram Al-Sharif.
1300 years Al-Haram Al-Sharif(templemount) is a continuous site for muslim prayers.
For 1300 years Muslims took very good care of their site.
1300 years jews DID NOT care about the site, simply because it is not anymore their. It is a site where arabs built a very beautiful mosque-temple.
And they built in 700 CE, because JEWS did NOT care about former site of the jewish temple, which only caused them to suffer.
Another serious FACT: the site was A JUNK YARD all the years following destruction of the temple by ROMANS. Residents of jerusalem used the site as GARBAGE depot.
It shows how jews of Jerusalem distanced themselves from the site which only created tragedies and caused the very first HOLOCAUST.
End of story.
12. Jerusalem is NOT templemount=Al-Haram Al-Sharif
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (10.14.16)
Kalem Ben Israel ,   Los Angeles   (10.14.16)
According to Biblical History the Israelites fled Israel because of Roman persecution and went into the mountains of Africa according to Luke 21:20

And also Deuteronomy 28:68 says that When Moses spoke to them he warned them saying they were gonna go into Egypt/Slavery again with ships and they were gonna be sold to their enemies. And never see their homeland again.


14. In life there never is a vacuum
tiki ,   belgium   (10.14.16)
When a landlord doesn't look after his property, others will!

When Israel lets the Waqf look after Judaism's most ancient & holy site, this is the result!

Don't blame UNESCO, blame Jerusalem!
15. Time to shut down useless UNESCO
Stephanie Kay ,   Rockville   (10.14.16)
UNESCO has lost the last shred of credibilty they had. They need to be shut down.
Imelda ,   Semarang   (10.15.16)
To which primary school did these voters go in the past?
17. opposition to the resolution
Neal Coates ,   Abilene, TX   (10.15.16)
just add cameras/video cameras to the Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount! let the world watch what really happens
Rochelle ,   Hawaii   (11.19.16)
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