Trump attacks UNESCO resolution in Facebook post
Published: 14.10.16, 09:50
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1. Nice try, trump!
TC   (10.14.16)
But this will not save your candidacy, israelis are not that stupid and will not fall for this populist attempt.
2. and where is Hillary stands on this?
Alex ,   New Uork   (10.14.16)
3. Do you remember
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.14.16)
Hillary Clinton's screaming
"The US demands that Israel ends all settlement activities ?"
( just as her partner in crime, obama said as well?)
I do and also remember the millions taken from the most oppressive, human rights abusers void of any reasonable liberty, the Arab states who now owns her.
4. Trump is not a schmuck
Adler Zionist   (10.14.16)
In 1974, OLP terrorist leader Arafat was invited
to speak at The United Nations General Asembly. A year laterThe United
Nations General Assembly approved a
Resolution (1975) defining Zionism as a form
of racism! -Chutzpah! We will not allow such
antisemitic resolutions anymore, and Unesco
Cant decide nothing about Israel, Jerusalem and Judaism.
And i am really glad & Baruch H" Israel informed Bokova that it was suspending its cooperation with UNESCO over the vote,
judaism is excellent education for us as jews, we dont
need Unesco recognizing this or that place as part of
World heritage! And Bokova should returned to jewish
Human organizations all the award she received,
Hag Sukkot Sameah to Am Israel!!

5. Christian
Falcon195 ,   san diego   (10.15.16)
Posturing for Ezekiel 38-39?
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