Mossad listened in on Arab states' preparations for Six-Day War
Ronen Bergman
Published: 15.10.16, 23:23
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1. Rehavam Zeevi
Avi L.   (10.16.16)
Rehavam Zeevi said that Israel had to create a "falastinian" state, after 1967, then when nobody wanted to do it they called him "extremist" when he said the alternative should be transfer.

Strangely his vision is rather converging with Gazit one.

We can't live together.
2. Babblinhg mouths at the Israeli military top should be kicke
ab   (10.16.16)
-d out.Enough with these walking disasters,Rabin ,Sharon,and honchos of the Israeli Intelligence
3. This has been revealed years ago
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.16.16)
4. Unesco was founded in 1945...
Adler   (10.16.16)
Palestinians accused Israel of intrusive
constructions, tunneling and underground
excavations in the old city of Jerusalem which
constitutes according to Palestinians an
aggression against religious and prayer sites.

After the collapse of the Ottoman empire,
british researchers started arqueological
excavations in the old city..

Israel did arquelogical excavations too and the
Western Wall tunnels were fully opened for
the public in 1996.

In 2013 Abu Mazen and Jordanian
King Abdullah II signed an agreement in which
both leaders proclaimed Jordan’s role as a
custodian and safeguard of the Temple Mount in

So tell us Ronen Bergman is the Jordan king a legal
custodian of the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem?
and if he is an illegal custodian of the site, why Abu
Mazen searched support through Unesco?
Unesco declared several sites across the
country decades ago as World Heritage
sites even though Unesco was never worry about
the mosque located in temple mount hills. Why they
never declared the site as a world heritage before?
Could you please tell the Mossad to reveal what kind
of secret is behind the strange deal between
the Jordan King , Abu Mazen and perhaps Israel?

5. No surprise
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (10.16.16)
Arab leaders betray their own people and each other. It´s been like that forever.
6. Mossad is everywhere
C   (10.16.16)
mossad is probably the best intelligence service in the world.
there are many reasons for this, but two stand out:
unusual courage and amazing creativity.
7. human
Wanda ,   Jerusalem   (10.17.16)
Maj. Gen. Gazit is no doubt a hero of Israel, but his politics stink. The left cannot guarantee peace any better than the right can in a world that would like to evaporate the State of Israel. Hope he can wake up and smell the hate that's brewing which surrounds Israel.
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