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Palestinian rapper performs, is booed on stage following Regev 'terror' accusations
Ran Boker and Ahiya Raved
Published: 19.10.16, 08:22
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1. Tamer Nafar, GOOD for YOU!!! Keep UP!!!
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (10.19.16)
2. He "builds bridges" to the destruction of the Jewish state
With all due reapect to his bridge building, what he calls for is the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state and changing it to bi-national state.
It won't fly. If he has a problem with the idea of a Jewish national home in this country he is more than welcome to change his address to where his people rule - Ramallah or Gaza.
3. One terrorist performing for another, Jews are dumb.
Yo , Tamer seeks famer , cos fame aint lame , light yo flame , cos Nafar will go far , with his rap , but don't expect success to fall into yo lap , fame can be a trap , the reality ,is he was invited by da Haifa municipality .
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