WikiLeaks reveals US Democrats’ disdain for Netanyahu
Alexander J. Apfel & Ynet
Published: 21.10.16, 11:08
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1. American Voters - take note of this information !
barbara ,   haifa   (10.21.16)
2. We get what we ask for
GraftedIn ,   Yukon   (10.21.16)
Why 70% of American Jewish voters always support and vote for Democrats, the people that hate them, is beyond me.
3. Begala and Podesta are the meanest and nastiest in politics
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.21.16)
Hillary only loves two things: Herself , and power .
5. Democrats and Israel
Lauren ,   Israel   (10.21.16)
Tell us something we don't know. Don't need WikiLeaks. Mainstream media and Democratic candidates themselves have publicly discredited Israel and Bibi.
6. US Democratic Party is corrupt and criminal to the core
C   (10.21.16)
they take it for granted that they can interfere in the elections of a sovereign
nation, israel. they talk about israel with total disdain and presume to pick
her future prime minister.
they smear the sitting prime minister and call him a racist.
yet these are the people who lied to the entire world about the infamous
iran deal. ben rhodes has admitted openly that he was charged with
the propaganda that got the congress and the press to support the deal.
just recently, obama has secretly lifted sanctions on the iranian sepah and sepah international banks which finance iran's ballistic missile programs.
this was done in violation of us law.
hillary clinton has violated us law by using a private e-mail server for
government business and by deleting over thirty thousand e-mails.
she has been using her position as secretary of state to profit her
family foundation in a quid pro quo arrangement with foreign governments
hacked e-mails show that the democrats used paid professional agitators
to infiltrate trump rallies and cause anarchy.
anti-israeli and anti-semitic actors are now part of the democratic establishment. we know who they are.
no foreign government, even one as powerful as the us, can dictate to
the jewish state what to do.
7. Kahlon is a Centrist and will be in coalition with Lapid.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.21.16)
They will cooperate nicely (for a change) with the freshly elected Prez Clinton. The next government coalition in Israel will be formed by Centrist parties which will win the next election by a wide margin. Yaalon will be the Centrist DM while a retired Netanyahu may become useful as an adviser along with Tzipi Livni to the Centrist UN ambassador. Coming soon to the screens everywhere.
8. Really amazing
Jon ,   USA   (10.22.16)
How destain for Generalissimo Bibi that wants only what good to his butt has anything to do with the Russian. Bibi is bibi and he is poison to the Israeli state.
9. Are you sure you are talking about Hiiary?
Jon ,   USA   (10.22.16)
to me it sound more like Bibi (love himself and power).
10. No, this is Trumpf
Jon ,   USA   (10.22.16)
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