Coalition chairman doesn't understand the democratic process
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 23.10.16, 14:19
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1. Pity Pollard's case didn't fall under "freedom of expression
2. Gay Anti Zionism= "Peace Now throw u off the roof later"
GayLeadrsInRamallah? ,   Jerusalem   (10.23.16)
The mind boggles when we learn the new head of "Peace Now" is
Gay and the new Betzelem head is Gay what is this really fanatical
weird support by many Gays for despotic regimes such as that of the Palestinians who hate and persecute Gays dozens of documented stories, thankfully there is a Zionist Gay in the Likud who allows "closet Zionist Gays" to speak for the majority of Gays in Israel who are Zionists who before
were intimidated into silence by the small but vocal and fanatical
extreme Leftist Gay self appointed "leadership" . if the truth be known
you would find many of these "Gay Leaders" have Arab boyfriends and
have never had any attachment to the Jewish people their allegiance
is to some fantasy called a "Gay Nation " and would be much more
happy in LA NYC San Francisco certainly not in Ramallah .
3. Democracy?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.24.16)
This is exactly the point of view I presented in a comment to the previous article on Minister Bitan's attempt to revoke Hagar El-Ad's citizenship, here in Ynet...but it wasn't posted....

In a democracy a person cannot lose their citizenship for presenting their views in a public arena, just so long as those views are not traitorous in content. Some do not agree of course, but that does not make the remarks traitorous.

4. Understanding of democracy
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (10.25.16)
Me thinks that the chairman is not alone. How many of our MK,s do you think could pass a written test on this subject? Oh yes, verbal tests would be also provided for the illiterate members.
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