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Russian and Egyptian paratroopers in joint drill
Liad Osmo
Published: 25.10.16, 09:40
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1. So it was the Russians
Avi L.   (10.25.16)
Putin going back to his roots and resuscitating the old USSR geopolitical self.

Wondering how US military is "happy" about this new friendship.

"Thanks" to Obama, just hope Clinton will be a bit more "realpolitikally" aware.

Do the egyptians still have that factory churning out the M-1 tanks?

Is the delivery of S-400 and other gears some form of gambit by Putin? A broken country giving away top weapons in exchange for ...

Guess that one mission of russian paras is to remind their egyptian partners that it is that to russian gears that they "won" the October War (Kippur), with all the due innuendos.

What a "international excursive" should mean in this context? Some misspelling? Or is it some diplomatic neewspeech?
2. USA and its terrorist proxy ISIS - OUT of Middle East!
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (10.25.16)
3. Obama has gifted the ME to Russia and Iran
C   (10.25.16)
obama had promised to transform america and to bend the arc of history.

thus far, he has legitimized the shia terror regime, its nuclear weapons
program, lifted all sanctions, including on ballistic missiles. most
recently, he has given over more than a billion dollars in foreign cash
currency with the help of dutch and swiss banks. now obama is preparing to
authorize the sale of jambo boing jets the shia terror regime and technical
expertise thus further enabling this rogue regime to expand its military/
terror prowess.
at the same time, eypt is thrown to the dogs, allegedly for human rights
violations. yet no country in the region is a bigger violator of human
rights than the genocidal shia terror regime of iran.
russia, theoretically a us adversary, is allowed to take over the middle
east and set itself down in egypt, syria, lebanon, irao, turkey.
the obama regime is not interested in human rights, but in upending
the balance of power in the middle east in favour of the rogue
genocidal shia terror regime.
obama is playing a very dangerous game, but that hardly interests him.
his craving to change the arc of history is immense, and he is willing
to pay any american national security price to succeed in his goal.
he has created failed states, caused the deaths of hundreds of
thousands, created a huge refugee crisis, but the fake iran deal
will be protected till the very end.
4. Mark Sherry, FB
C   (10.25.16)
the us under obama has been acting most strangely.
the us observers have no authority to even defend themselves.
egypt went to the russians because obama cannot forgive
al-sisi that he deposed the murderous terrorists of the
muslim brotherhood. obama is vindictive and petulant.
his sole concern is his ego.
the american soldiers who had sacrificed themselves to bring order
to mosul and faluja and anbar province died in vain.
obama hates the military of which he is the head and cares
nothing for their welfare. the arc of history is bending outward.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (10.26.16)
turn around and do the same thing when they get the chance. Let Russia waste Chinese money and resources as much as they can. They want to show off the little poer they have. Let them! Now, Egypt ISIS is going to enjoy the guns.

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