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Peace Now's new director is a different kind of leftist
Nevo Ziv
Published: 25.10.16, 23:30
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1. “We've gathered the savages and brought them to Israel"
Jerome ,   Ile de France   (10.26.16)
We put up with this half of racists. I praise the Lord everyday that we don't have to put up with the other half and their potential descendants.
2. Same old stinking Oslo dreck. Slightly different package
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.26.16)
Peace Now's new director is a slightly different package. But the stinking Oslo dreck he's peddling is exactly what has gotten tens of thousands of Israelis maimed and murdered. And which would turn Israel into a nine mile wide concentration camp. No thanks!
3. Morty Eckstein aka Sal Lackow= Sioma from St.Petersburg
ab   (10.26.16)
Suschkin Str,.gets paid 100 rubels/mail ,answering him is enriching russkie prop machine
4. What about stop taking foreign money and not making up stuff
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.26.16)
5. We'd be better off if these people were to take to pigeon-
feeding as means of saving the world & feeling better about themselves. In the meantime we must allow every Shimon Peres wannabe to unfold his/her wings and fly like a peace dove, high in the academic- intellectual stratosphere, above us: mere mortals toiling & fighting on the scorched, Middle Eastern soil....
6. Israel HAS peace
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (10.26.16)
Peace now, and other leftish groups - are ignoring the fact that ONLY Israel has peace when compared to any other ME Arab nation where human rights abuses abound, female mutilations, "honor killings"
( nothing remotely honorable about murdering a defenseless women.)
Selling off her children for sex trade.
Only Israel ( in the ME ) is a nation where all religions live freely.
That's why the pals refuse to leave, they know a good thing when they see it peace now and the other lunatics can go back to what they were doing before becoming involved in Israel's real problem, them.
7. An idealist with different ideals...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.26.16)
8. Buskila represents the interests of Europe & the West
C   (10.26.16)
buskila does not realize this, but he represents foreign interests.

these foreign interests are slaves of islam. islam has been blackmailing
the west since even before israel's independence.

islam refuses to accept any jewish sovereign on what they consider to
be islamic land. it makes no difference to them how tiny the land might
be. their point of you is strictly religious.
the muslims will not make peace with the jewish state because then
they would violate the tenants of islam, including jihad.
they refused the partition plan for this reason.
they refuse to grant citizenship and political rights to the arab Palestinians
for the same reason.
9. Peres wasn't exactly a dove.
Leah ,   Modiin   (10.27.16)
Unless it really is a textile factory in Dimona :)
10. Went to Peace now site. See no funding info
Amerikaner   (10.29.16)
The Hebrew information pages about them are translated into English. Even used their site's search option. Found their multiple posts about settlements funding, but still no info on who funds Peace Now. Either they changed their website since the interview to hide this info, have a bad website or Buskila is just using this "go to our website" as an empty speaking point.
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