15-year-old Israeli killed on Egyptian border
Yoav Zitun
Published: 25.10.16, 18:01
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1. Whoever authorized the work is fully responsible for this.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.25.16)
15 years old? Not in school? Why would the IDF ever allow a 15 year old near the fence? The supervisor who hired the under-age worker needs to be fired. If officers higher up the command chain knew about this practice, they should be brought up on charges.

What the heck is wrong with these people? The IDF hires under-age workers and puts them in dangerous conditions and the family allows their KID, who should be in school, to work in those conditions! I'm not sure who is more to blame for the accident! Obviously the Egyptian was a bit too trigger happy, but then Egypt has its hands full with terrorists and smugglers. Had the IDF alerted the Egyptians of the work and stayed with the teenager, this probably wouldn't have happened.

The next question is very simple: why aren't soldiers maintaining the fence? It's patrolled by the military, it serves a military purpose: it should be maintained by soldiers and not by some cheap labor hired by an even cheaper contractor. That contractor must be arrested for hiring under-age kids and putting them in extremely dangerous situations.

Lots of heads need to roll and many careers need to be ended due to this tragic accident that could have been prevented. Shame on the IDF for hiring the contractor and for leaving the scene. Shame on the contractor for hiring an under-age kid, knowing that he was going to work on the fence. Shame on the family for allowing the teenager to work instead of demanding he be in school. There is blame enough for everyone.
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