Another UNESCO vote to disregard Jewish connection to Jerusalem
Moran Azulay & Orly Azoulay
Published: 25.10.16, 22:54
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1. Mr.
Alex ,   Houston Tx.   (10.26.16)
In Rome Italy, there is the Triumphal Arch of the Roman Emperor Titus. The Arch was created to celebrate tha conquer of Judea and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.. On the side of one of the columns is a relief showing the Roman solders robing the holly place and carrying Jewish religious artifacts from the temple. If nothing else this is a 100% proof of everything UNESCO trying to deny. The Roman history clearly documents this event.
2. Wh be surprised
Jim ,   Chicago, USA   (10.26.16)
Why should we be surprised. Like Abba Eban once noted: "If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions."
3. UNESCO's changing the game?
tiki ,   belgium   (10.26.16)
Israel should do the same!

No more 'restrictions for Jews' on the most ancient Jewish site, the Temple mount!

When Israel doesn't honour it's history why should UNESCO?
4. One lies to it and the other swears to it
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (10.26.16)
and ultimately, it wont matter when the third temple's built.
No Muslims allowed.
5. Alex, Houston Texas True and still
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (10.26.16)
Rome has a hand in keeping the Temple Mount Jewish if only to support their narrative of their own church, warts and all.
However, when has either Rome or Islam been a friend to Israel or Jews for that matter?
Seldom if ever.
That's why we BUILD !!!
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