Guests in 'wedding of hate' face charges of incitement, possession of firearms
Elisha Ben-Kimon
Published: 26.10.16, 11:38
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1. Guests in 'wedding of hate' face charges of incitement, poss
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (10.26.16)
The obscene bahaviour that religious extremism gives rise to.
2. This is a wedding?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (10.26.16)
Terror and its supporters are just plain old fashioned ugly.
Most weddings are joyous with best wishes for the newly joined couple not a gun and weapons show.
3. Are guns to be banned at all weddings?
Aris ,   Tel Aviv   (10.26.16)
Will anyone with a gun at a wedding or function be arrested and indicted like Daniel Pinner? Anyone wearing identification from extreemist parties be similarly indicted?

Arabs too, or only Jews?
Will Arabs at weddings and funerals be indicted for having and shooting guns, singing songs of vengence?

4. B'Tselem would agree that this is legal freedom of speech
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.26.16)
5. Face of judaism shown in the light of day.
Benny   (10.26.16)
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