New UNESCO resolution ignores Judaism's connection to Temple Mount
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Published: 26.10.16, 17:52
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1. Change of policy
tiki ,   belgium   (10.26.16)
Time for Israel to make some changes wording & action!

No more self induced restrictions for Jews wanting to go to the temple mount.

Jews should go and visit their historical birthplace without some hostile Arabs & friends telling them not to.

If Israel doesn't protect it's holy sites, don't expect the world to do so.

Enough with being Mr. Nice guy.
2. Right resolution! 1600 yrs TM is a site for Muslim Prayers!
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (10.26.16)
Temple mount as a MUSLIM Prayers site exists since year 700 CE !!!
This is over 1300 YEARS.
Not only that, 300 years before Muslims built Al-Aqtsa as the biggest and most beautiful mosque in jerusalem, Temple Mount was A Junkyard, A Sewage, Filth and slime collection site, and garbage site.
NOT a single Jew in jerusalem cared about this site. NOBODY cared about templemount, because this site has caused a lot and lot of suffering to jews before they exiled by Romans. Jews in diaspora had and keep having hallucinations and fantasies about TM, and keep inventing fairy tales.
There is NO jewish connection to TM. Period.
3. Typical Trash
Mordechai ,   san francisco, calif   (10.26.16)
You are 100% incorrect. You sound like an activist for the Palestinians at San Francisco State University or UC Berkeley. You are doing a good job for your group, but you are still a liar. And since we have no connection to the TM as you claim then you are calling your prophet Mohammed a liar, too. We are the People of the Book because of that connection that you deny.
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