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Putin cites Israel as positive example in fight against terror
Alex Fishman
Published: 02.11.16, 13:37
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1. LOL
Rami ,   Helsinki   (11.02.16)
I bet his buddy Nasrallah can confirm that.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (11.03.16)
He is show casign his guns for the buyers and looking to stop Israel to sell gas to EU. The rest is just bunch of garbage about terrorist. He is only standing becuase of China's money and Iran's logistical help. The rest is just Russian BS
3. Putin has no "buddies" among the cursed Muslims, but he sure
uses them for his purely egoistic (call it:patriotic) reasons. On the other hand, he does harbor genuine sympathy for the Jewish people. That much we know already.
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