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No one will shut me up, says Israel’s first Arab news presenter
Yehuda Nuriel
Published: 04.11.16, 23:26
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1. We need a hundred like her,
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.05.16)
then a thousand, then ten thousand, then... until anyone who is a Hanin Zoabi or a Bentzi Gopstein slinks into a corner and hides in shame.
2. We need a MILLION like her. Then there will be peace.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.05.16)
Stay strong Lucy!!
3. What a wonderful role model for ALL of our kids!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.05.16)
Many congratulations.
You are a strong woman and deserve only the best in life.
This is an intelligent, thinking person with the gumption to do as she knows is best.
May she win!
4. but who would want to shut her up...
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (11.06.16)
she's got a great, varied, combination of story lines and approaches. and keeps them all jarring one against the other to sparkle each. dont envy her the life that produces the stories or the sparkles. but congratulations to her and her immediate family, and hopefully one day to the israeli-arab community when it realizes the treasure it's produced ... and in israel, too. as for allt he terrorists and self righteous rejectors and suppressors, let them reject and suppress their own egotistical visions of what Gd wants of Israel. she seems to be telling truths. of all our lives. not just their private imperializing visions of themselves as Gd's spokespersons -- moslem and jewish alike.
5. the new head of IBA? or Foreign Ministry?
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (11.06.16)
sounds like she's got a brain and using it! proud of israeli women: shaked, regev, now her...

6. Aharish
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (11.07.16)
Judging by the positive comments re Aharish, it makes me wonder if any of them have ever actually watched this individual on i24.
I gave up after the persistent and obvious belief that she has that those being interviewed were merely secondary to her gushing and over the top laughter at her own comments, never permitting the interviewees to finish a sentence and in general too full of herself.
She has become a celebrity for being an irritating celebrity...a lot of talk and no substance.
7. So sad
Jeremiah Unterman ,   Jerusalem   (11.07.16)
I'm so sad for all the hatred directed at Ms. Aharish - and at all others who don't deserve it. Hang in there! The majority of Israelis are on your side.
8. such a great woman !
David from Paris ,   Paris   (11.10.16)
Hi Lucy, I'm a Zionist Liberal Jew from Paris. Let me tell you: you have courage, you are smart, you have good values, you think by yourself, and you are so much alive : you are so great ! This Gopstein doesn't worth anything and is not even able to understand anything alien to him - he's good only for stupidity and hatred. As for me, I love you !!!!
9. To Lucy Aharish
annie joseph ,   jerusalem   (11.18.16)
Do not worry .Lucy .We shall overcome ! You and me and all the sane people who are still the majority in this country .
10. Or le'goyim
judy erel ,   kfar saba   (11.27.16)
You are indeed a light for all peoples... including the Jews. It is quite the challenge to be in the place you have put yourself. And you are doing it so well. The world needs you, the Arabs need you, the Jews need you to be a glorious mirror reflecting freedom and sanity. I am 100% behind you, as are so many others. I work with cancer patients giving guided meditations while they are receiving chemo... I know what it is to live in extreme challenge. If you ever need a meditation to feel calm - just email me or give me a call. I'd be honored.
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