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Racing to a million bottles
Havatzelet Damari
Published: 06.11.16, 09:48
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1. how about less garbage...
shilgia ,   Israel   (11.06.16)
Great that a nice amount of garbage is recycled... but how about reducing the garbage alltogether? Why buy so many plastic bottles? Why use one-way- plastic cups and plastic bags in such a huge amount as Israelis do? Still a long way to go...
2. A somewhat recycling complaint :
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.06.16)
I am not sure but think the plastic bottles are being reused (after a cleaning process, of course). One piece of evidence that I have is that the caps are not tightly sealed, sometimes, when I buy them new. Could it be that mineral water companies are reusing the bottles for distributing to the public ???
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